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Medicine Wheel Walks & Trainings

By Appointment

The Windwalker Native American Medicine Wheel was built on a sacred site in the hills of Elmira and Horseheads, NY. The Medicine Wheel is an ancient system of learning who we really are by working with Spirits, Medicine Helpers and by using our intuition.

Medicine Wheel Walks

Bill and Martha received Medicine Wheel construction guidance from Joseph and Sandy Windwalker, of the Lenape, Delaware tribe, Rick McBride, and Sun Bear. Our teachings focused on the understanding of how to respectfully construct and use a Medicine Wheel for personal growth, for gratitude and for celebration. The Windwalker Medicine Wheel has developed into a special place expanded with incredible energy for one 's private place to contemplate their own existence and path.

The Ancients' belief surrounding a medicine wheel was the understanding that when a new day begins, so does our new learning as the new winds of the morning blow through our minds bringing a new focus and new perspective of what lies before us. The Medicine Wheel is a healing tool. This is a sacred tool one may use to release that "that" no longer serves them and that "that" may be given back to Mother Earth. The Earth Mother is considered a filter that cleanses the negative and bitterness found in our existence and found within the world.

As one questions life, existence, personal challenges and may find the answer within the wheel while being surrounded by blessed Earth Energy. Through contemplation within the Medicine Wheel and by using your own intuition, challenges of your world may come into balance through use of the feminine and masculine energy of the sacred wheel.

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